torstai 14. heinäkuuta 2016


Its been a while hasn't it? Sorry about that. I've been immensly busy for a couple of years. In addition, I've been struggling with my health so I haven't had enough energy to actively work on my Project. However, my studies are almost over now. I've also gotten great deal of inspiration from my BF and have realized that even though there are great aspects about the script, it also really isn't anything new. Therefore, I will overhaul the lore (again!) and start almost from scratch. The characters and the basic idea will remain though. Nothing wrong with that. But the physiology of the characters, the level of actual science used will be overhauled. The story will become more scientific and less mythical. The overhaul will take some time for sure but I have a wonderful person on my side whose immense knowledge of physics I can utlilize freely <3

  • Ditched the Japanese dude in the beginning of 2015 because he was weak both mentally and physically. I have no time for little bitches just loitering around or/and with inability to talk about stuff! Shoo! What a waste of time...
  • Found The One six months later. He is all I need in a man; kind but determined. Able to talk about stuff and makes me believe in myself. And he is Finnish, so no language-barrier or cultural mess.
  • I don't think I want kids after all. The more I read about what pregnancy does to your body, the less I want to go through it. I'm not certain of course, but whatever I decide, my BF is fine with it. We can be perfectly happy without kids.
  • Not actively studying Japanese. Intermediate level will suffice for now.
  • Got asthma diagnosis in the winter 2015-2016 and also has occasional anxiety attacks.
  • Still doing kendo. Now a 3rd kyû.

Slowly but surely, onwards to madness!

torstai 4. joulukuuta 2014

Its been awhile... but I'm still alive and very much kicking!

  • Been terribly busy due to studies and hasn't really written anything. However, also has developed a tendency to ponder ideas on free moments. While sitting on toilet, showering or waiting to meet someone, plot is always bubbling under. Notebook is also always in the bag, just in case.
  • Also, decided to model another character after a celebrity after the character turned out to be more important than anticipated.
  • Has actually started to enjoy the Business Administrator-studies despite awfully tiresome autumn semester. Will specialize in Private Law, starting next spring.
  • In a relationship with frighteningly nice and stable Japanese man with very similar future desires and values. Has previously unknown, scary feelings.
  • Conversational Japanese still non-existent, despite of ongoing studies and BF.
  • In addition to Gackt the whole Dir En Grey is pretty goddamn awesome.
  • Went to see a cool band alone in another city despite lurking anxiety.
  • Started kendô in the beginning of 2014 and now has 5th kyû.

perjantai 23. elokuuta 2013

Midnight Ideas and New Schools


  • After pondering how things should logically develop, gets an idea middle of the night. Jumps out of bed, writes it down to a notebook and on the next day it still makes sense. Yayy! Chapter 4 is moving forward.
  •  Complex, complex characters...I'm so screwed with handling all of them and trying not to neglect anyone.


  • Hit an intermediate plateau with Japanese and almost burned out. Reduced the hard grinding work to a minimum, since doesn't want to start hating the language. Now only does some little Anki reviews and does whatever pleases, no matter the language, without feeling guilty of not using more Japanese material. 
  •  Thinks that Gackt is still the coolest man on Earth, for more than just one reason.
  • Got into a school and also has the Employment Agency's support. Yay.
  • Had some antibiotics (by an absolutely handsome doctor) for the mystery illness, feels better but still has lungs and nose full of slime and a funky feel in throat. Oh well.
  • Speaks Japanese every week on Skype and still sucks. Argh!!
  • Aims to go to Japan after the school, because...I want to see if the place has something to offer to me, whatever that is. Joensuu has not, and I'm fed up with Finland's social issues and idiotic politicians. I want to live in another country, so I can complain about its issues and politicians for a change.
  • Has developed a biological need to have kids someday. Damn you biological clock! Oh well, if I don't have a father-candidate when I hit 35, I'll just go to sperm bank and pick someone. Or just make a deal with someone suitable off the record. I'd do my damnest to be a good mother.
  • Sure, I'd rather love to start a family with someone, but no suitable one has come my way yet. Only men with faaaaar too many mental problems. I have enough of those already, thank you. I don't need extra ones. I also don't really see my luck changing on this field so...sperm bank and single-parenting it most likely is. Bad llama!

tiistai 7. toukokuuta 2013

10.0 Catching up...


  • Version 10.0 catching up to the older version!
  • Everything including notes and side-explanations are now in English
  • Some direct copy-paste done, but also some heavy modification to the structure
  • Current expected chapter-count 5-6
  • Currently getting started with brand-new chapter 4
  • Characters are behaving according to their own will and don't listen to me XD


  • Still ill
  • Final university-exam approaching next week, but not worried about it...
  • Held a public speech in Japanese in Helsinki...
  • ...but still nervous about speaking in public or mingling with unknown people
  • Still unable to approach interesting men *sigh*
  • Has started to dream about going to Japan more than before
  • Has so many ideas about what to do with life, but has no idea how
  • Envy is the nastiest feeling in existence
  • Has three entrance-exams waiting in the beginning of June

maanantai 28. tammikuuta 2013

10.0 Moving Ahead...

The Project Updates:

  • Rewriting the script with the support of the updated lore.
  • Dropping the amount of chapters by combining old ones. Current planned number of chapters is 4.

Real-life Updates:

  • According to tests, healthy as hell, despite the varying temperature.
  • Breezing through Japanese classes effortlessly.
  • Planning on having 30th birthday even though getting older sucks.

Obsessing over:

  • Japanese language
  • Self-Development
  • Japanese Culture

sunnuntai 23. syyskuuta 2012

Version 10.0 underway!...(plus some whining)

  • Started to rewrite the already excisting text with the updated lore. No need for complete abandoning of the old text, but there's definitely heavy editing ahead. But now the lurking plotholes are killed for good.
  • Some charaters are creating relationships on their own without asking me. Sneaky bastards!
  • Preliminary maps of the characters' home world drawn with the help of our old friend Microsoft Paint! XD

  • Studying Japanese at open university.
  • Rest in Peace Granny...
  • Has temperature rising again without any obvious reason.

  • Inception-soundtrack
  • Japanese language

  • Current situation of China picking a fight with Japan...NOOOOO, don't you dare destroy Japan before I get to see the place myself! Bad China!
  • Health of many people, including yours truly.

lauantai 18. elokuuta 2012

Gargantuan update


  • The updated and improved lore is almost finished. This will bring major changes to the already existing text, but now the biggest plotholes looming in the horizon are defeated. Yay! :)
  • The story will become even more character-oriented than I thought.